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Registration FAQs

Do I have a login?

If you have attended the festival in 2017 or 2018 then you should have a login unless someone else booked for you using their login (in which case you won't have one).  We did not have a system using logins prior to 2017 so even if you have attended a festival prior to 2017 you will not have a login.

How do I create a login?

Go through the registration process and you can enter details on the final 'Register' page that will be used to create your login. 

How do I login or logout?

At the top right hand corner of each page there is an option to login (or logout if you are already logged in).  You will not be able to login if you have never created a login.

I can't remember my login details

If you have forgotten your password, use the password reset link.  If that is not working or you can't remember what email address you chose last time email kjersti@nztangofestival.co.nz to find out your login details.

How do I register (buy a pass)?

Start on either the 'Terms and Conditions' or 'Choose Pass Type' page and then follow the prompts, using the 'Next' button at the bottom to skip any page that is not applicable to you (you still need to agree to the terms and conditions before completing your registration). 

What if I don't want a pass?

You still need to select a pass type - use the 'Individual Workshops Events and Immersion Courses' Pass, you can then choose your individual options on the following pages 

Help! I can't complete my registration

Make you have ticked to accept the terms and conditions, and have selected a pass type and leader or follower on the 'Choose Pass Type' page 

Do I have to do all my workshops as a leader or a follower based on my first selection?

No, you can change your role for each class or immersion you book. 

Does it matter if it says I am leading at the milongas when I am a follower (or vice versa)


Why have I received a confirmation email for my partner?

If you booked for your partner while you were still logged in you will receive their confirmation email (please send this on to them) and will control their booking.  If you don't want them under your login, then you need to log out before booking them on the same computer.

I have booked my immersion and entered my partners details, has a spot been reserved for them?

No, they should receive an email to say that you have booked but they need to book to reserve a spot on an immersion

Do I need to book all of my workshops right now?

No, you can choose to book some, all or none of your workshops when you register, you can add or remove workshops later on from the members area

Do I need to pay for everything now?

We are very happy for you to pay for everything now, however if you would prefer not to then please pay at least a $50 deposit and make sure you have paid the full amount within 8 weeks of the first Festival event.

How do I make an accommodation request if I have already registered?

Currently the accommodation option is not available while we await confirmation of rennovation details at the hotel.  We expect rooms to be available with room only rates as the restaurant is expected to be included in the rennovation.

Once the accommodation option is available you should be able to add this via the website by going through the registration process using the 'Individual...' pass type and then choosing from the accommodation options on the 'accommodation' page.

Alternatively you can email kjersti@nztangofestival.co.nz to pass on accommodation requests

If I have selected accommodation when I registered is my accommodation confirmed?

At this stage in the process you have made a request which will be passed on to the hotel, your accomodation is not confirmed until you receive an email from the hotel (and even then they will ask for credit card details to hold the booking).  You should double check all details to be sure it is correct.

I'm not sure if I can get time off work, what should I do?

If you don't mind missing out then wait till you know and then book if there is room.  If you don't want to miss out make the booking with a deposit ($50 is ok) but please check our cancellation policy on the terms and conditions page.  Please do advise us of cancellation as soon as you know if you are unable to attend, if we can fill your spot there is a greater likelihood of a full refund.

I need to cancel my booking, what should I do?

If you do not require a refund then you can delete your booking from the members area.

If you do require a refund (terms and conditions apply), please advise us preferably before deleting your booking to make it easier to identify amounts paid.

I think I need a refund, how does that work?

Refunds are processed manually, you need to email kjersti@nztangofestival.co.nz for advice.  Refunds will not be processed at the registration desk during the festival unless pre-arranged with Kjersti.

Do I need to book for the free Feldenkrais or beginner classes?

While not mandatory it is helpful for us to have an idea of numbers attending

Do the free classes count towards my six workshops if I have booked a pass?

No, they don't count towards your six workshops, if you think that you have been charged incorrectly, please contact us so we can check your booking



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