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Introducing your 2018 festival DJs

DJ Peter Williamson

Dj peter3After 15 years of dancing and competing in Ballroom dancing (inc. a NZ title in 2000) Peter discovered the addiction of "Argentine Tango" in 2000. After a couple of years learning to dance this "wonderful new dance form", he was driven to orchestrate the tango music of the night as a DJ.  As well as having great respect for the traditions and culture that are an integral part of Argentine Tango, Peter pays attention to the natural mood changes during the evening, which is vital to keeping up the energy of the Milonga.

"My main emphasis is on music that you want to dance to! As a dancer I prefer to dance as a Milongero, loving that wonderful, special, relationship you can get with the music and your partner. And I believe the quality of the sound is vitally important, for the music to have its own presence on the dance floor as the third party in the dancing relationship."

With his technical skills as an Audio Visual Technician and his great knowledge of tango music gleaned over 4 visits to Buenos Aires, he has been the main DJ over the past 9 years at the New Zealand Tango Festival in Wellington. He also DJs for some of the regular Wellington Milongas and Practicas (as well as teaching tango over the past couple of years).

"In a tango festival, my highlight is always the final night's Milonga when everyone crowds together, relaxes, and dances till they drop!"

Peter will be DJ Thursday night at the 2018 New Zealand Tango Festival, at the Warm-up Milonga.


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DJ Rosaria Burchielli

RosariaMy favourite orchestras are De Angelis, Rodriguez, Tanturi, D’Arienzo, Pugliese, Di Sarli,
Laurenz, Biagi and Troilo, and are frequently represented in my playlists. I’ve been a tango
dancer about 10 years and I'm fluent in Spanish, so I enjoy listening to the lyrics of tango
songs. In my playlists, I tend to favour vocal over instrumental tango and I love the voices of
Oscar Larroca, Alberto Podestá, Alberto Castillo and Enrique Campos.
Although my playlists are largely based on the ‘golden years’, I enjoy adding a couple of
tandas representing contemporary Argentinian orchestras, such as Orquesta Romántica
Milonguera, Color Tango and Sexteto Milonguero. While passionate about the music, I’m
increasingly aware of the vastness of tango music and I'm excited to be forever learning and
growing as a DJ. For the same reasons, I welcome new DJ experiences.

My first opportunities to DJ came in 2014 from the Melbourne Practica Group’s (MPG)
Sunday Practicas. Since then, I have put together the music for Milongas at Sidewalk Tango,
Tango Brujo, Tango Bajo and Czech Club and I regularly DJ at Robles Dance Bar and Milonga
327. Being a tango DJ has given me an additional interest when I travel to Buenos Aires for
tango: I go to the Milongas not only to dance but eagerly look forward to simply sitting and
listening for songs, music and tandas that are new to me of this most bewitching genre.

Rosaria will be DJ Friday night at the 2018 New Zealand Tango Festival, at the Noche de Ensueno Milonga.

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DJ Pat Petronio

Pat ElMaipu 25 May 2016

Pat has been DJing since about 2000, starting in the very early days of tango in Adelaide. She quickly developed a love of traditional tango music – “There’s so much fantastic Golden Age tango music to lure you onto the dance-floor! Tango DJ heroes are Dany Borelli, Carlos Rey, Viví La Falce and Mario Orlando in Buenos Aires. So much can be learned from them about the art of DJing.” She’s been dancing tango since 1999, so her choice of music when DJing is influenced by the mood of the milonga, the feeling of the music and her own preferences as a social dancer.

Apart from arranging music at Comme il faut, her regular milonga in Adelaide (South Australia), Pat has DJ’ed at Sydney Tango Festivals, Czech House and Sidewalk Tango (Melbourne), Festival City Tango (Adelaide), BASH (Bundanoon) and Tango in the Spring (Canberra). A huge part of the fun for her is catering for different groups, and seeing their responses to her Golden Age selections.

Pat will be DJ Saturday night at the 2018 New Zealand Tango Festival, at Noches de Chanteclier Milonga.

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DJ Alex Nodelman


An active contributor of music and pro bono work in the Sydney tango community, DJ Alex continuously works hard to set a high standard to ensure dancers get the best, tango has to offer. Commitment to the highest quality audio and selection has gained him strong popularity and support across Australia. He also spends a lot of his time to explore rare undiscovered pieces and versions, which allow him to inject something unique and memorable. DJ Alex's professional approach and natural awareness for the dancers ensure we are in safe hands.

Alex will be DJ Sunday night at the 2018 New Zealand Tango Festival, at the Farewell Milonga.

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