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Festival Workshops

Click for a printable copy of the workshop timetable  Festival-timetable-2018.pdf or scroll down to see the timetable.

Tango Levels 

These descriptions are to help you decide which level of workshop to book into. As everyone learns at a different rate, and has different levels of fitness, fluidity and time on the dance floor, use the description of what you need to be able to do to enter the level as a guide more than the length of time you have learnt tango. Please discuss your level with an advanced dancer in your area.

Teachers at the festival will teach to the level described, especially the Advanced level. If you find you have chosen the wrong level class at the festival, you can go to the registration desk and change into a more appropriate level for free within the first 15 minutes.

Second Step

Understand tango posture, walking technique, parallel system, know giro pattern, can lead and follow ocho easily, leading/following the cross usually works, can lead and follow simple combinations.


Can walk in a straight line with balance, can tell the difference between tango, milonga and vals music, confident leading/following cross and weight change, can lead/follow front sacada, can lead/follow progressive moves in the line of dance, able to find and maintain connection with different partners, keep in time with the music most of the time, follower hardly ever anticipates, reasonable floor craft skills at a milonga – might bump into others every now and then. Upper Intermediate Can balance on the ball of one foot for a length of time, can lead/follow back sacada with confidence, excellent understanding of the cross/parallel systems, new partners are able to understand the lead the first time, understand different embraces, able to do a variety of things on a tight spot as well as progressive moves around the floor while maintaining connection with different partners, keep with music at all times.


Can lead/follow advanced improvised combinations, good dissociation, able to lead/follow colgada and volcada, excellent balance and awareness of own and partner’s axis, followers able to express own musicality within lead, advanced floor craft – never bump into others, advanced understanding of musicality and connection with different partners. Master Teachers have full competency in all of the above and excellent understanding of off axis moves. Must come to workshop with a partner or be competent in both lead and follow.

Open level

These classes are open to all levels.

Total Beginners

Have never done any tango before, or would like to gain more confidence at an introductory level.

Private Lessons 

We anticipate a small number of private lessons will be available over the weekend, please contact us to register your interest. Preference will be given to full pass holders.   Workshop timetable




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